An App for Acne?

If you have acne, you know that you’d do anything to get rid of it. Scientific research has led to a mobile friendly answer that  start with something as simple as your refrigerator. Northwestern university has created a free iPhone app that uses science to help people with acne make better food choices. It uses data from a systematic analysis of peer-reviewed research studies to show people if there is or is not scientific evidence linking acne to foods such as chocolate, fat, sugar and whey protein.


Ruth Swissa featured on Gina’s People Segment: Recap


This week in Gina’s People, FOX 11 recognizes viewer and philanthropist Ruth Swissa as she helps burn survivors look their best. In this segment, Ruth Swissa applies permanent makeup on burn victim, Yolda Hawkins.

Throughout the segment, viewers get to see Swissa in her work-zone while she works to redefine Yolanda’s beauty. Rebecca Grossman, chair of the Grossman Burn Foundation (GBF), makes an appearance on the clip and talks about Ruth’s technique and charity work for GBF. Ruth Swissa helps burn survivors free of charge, donating her time to help these victims look their best.

Yolanda Hawkins claims that, “Permanent makeup makes all the difference”.

Watch the segment here:


photographer: Tony Buttitta

Chocolate = Beautiful Skin #what?

This year don’t regret those Valentine’s Day chocolates, your skin needs ’em. Ruth Swissa is gonna let you in on a little beauty secret: beauty doesn’t mean a life sentence of leafy greens. Indulge in some sultry dark chocolate chunks and reap the benefits.


Chocolate Reduces Blood Pressure
Dark Chocolate relaxes blood vessels. This in turn will reduce blood pressure. Chocolate is perhaps the natural-born chiller; a ‘feel-good inc’ opiate.

Wrinkle Reducer
Chocolate is an organic stress reliever –  it reduces the formation of stress hormones. Consequently, this will promote less collagen breakdown in your skin and ultimately leave you with fewer wrinkles in the long run.

Chocolate contains Flavonols, antioxidants that help your skin combat UV damage, fight free radicals, and increase  blood flow. So in other words, fewer wrinkles, fewer sunspots, and an irresistible dewy glow.

~*Keep Label in Mind*~
Even though the chocolate seal may read “70% Dark Chocolate”, if the first ingredient reads “Milk” or “Sugar”, you know your bar does not contain 70% or more cocoa content. Also, to achieve these beauty benefits, make sure you’re indulging in a chocolate bar that contains 70% or more cocoa content. No glacé milk/white chocolate allowed. Portions do come into play as well; make sure you’re not eating more than one ounce of this gushy-good stuff.


“How long will my permanent makeup last?”..who knows?


            There is an ongoing controversy about how long permanent makeup is supposed to last and how many touch-ups are required. May I just begin by saying that permanent makeup is indeed an art form, but it differs the customary painting and sculpting. Permanent makeup is an artistry that is very individualized for each person. Each person has different skin and bodily reactions; therefore, the permanent makeup will come out differently on each person. You are not a canvas. Your skin has pores and layers of derma, which absorb the pigments at a different rate. The pigments are all organic and 100% natural. Just as if someone were to eat a peanut, which is 100% natural, some would benefit from it’s healthy proteins, but others could react with hives and an allergic reaction. In other words, everyone reacts differently to permanent makeup.

            When I apply permanent makeup on customers, I see different results on each person. Yes, permanent makeup has a high success rate; there are a slight percentage of customers whose bodies don’t retain the pigment. One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “How long will my permanent makeup last?” This is also one of the most difficult questions to answer because there is no right answer. For some people, permanent makeup lasts for up to seven years! For others it may only be a year. Permanent makeup is most trivial at the eyebrows – it’s the region with the most variable results.

            Since most customers don’t have this knowledge, there are many complaints and bad reviews on permanent makeup. People get upset because they have to schedule more touch-ups than others, but it’s something that solely depends on their own bodies. Permanent makeup is an individualized procedure and as a result, there will be individualized results.Image