Computer Vision Syndrome: Taking a Toll on Your Eyes

Although it’s almost obvious that computer screens aren’t easy on the eyes, it’s almost an inevitable obstacle we have to face daily. Computer monitors have become part of any modern workday.

Doctors have categorized the all these eye symptoms under the name Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).  The statistics show that somewhere between 50-90% of people who work at a computer screen have at lease some symptoms of CVS.
Kids who stare at portable video games or iPhone screens are also susceptible to CVS, especially if the lighting and position is less than ideal.

CVS is similar to carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries — it happens when carrying out the same motion over and over again. The motions of receiving information from a computer screen visually is more challenging than reading a piece of paper or book because computer screens add the element of screen contrast, flicker, and glare.

The symptoms of CVS include blurred vision, double vision, dry/red eyes, eye irritation, headache, and neck or back pain.



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