What’s Hot Right Now? Microneedle with Radio Frequency (RF) Treatment



Great anti aging system getting mass attention — Microneede with Radio Frequency (RF) – This is an FDA approved, safe skin treatment. This facial treatment is ideal for people looking to improve their complexion without the use of Botox or injection. This treatment produces immediate tightening and lifting effects that can be seen almost immediately after the first treatment. Today, Radio Frequency treatment is among the most popular non-invasive face lifting procedures and is widely endorsed by plastic surgeons.

Microneedling, which Ruth Swissa has been feautred on KTLA news for a few years ago, allows the Radio Frequency to penetrate the skin more deeply. Microneedle reverses scarring, #1 anti-aging & anti-wrinkle, and erases stretch marks.

At our medspa we normally do Radio Frequency with the Microneedling treatment for optimal results. The Microneedle treatment allows the Radio Frequency to penetrate the skin more deeply. This will also make pores visibly smaller and erase ane scars. Visit our website for more information or call us to schedule and appointment today !

8-300x188face-neck skin tightening

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