Has Winter Given You Dry, Painfully Chapped Lips?


How to mend those dry, painful chapped lips this winter season? Here are some of Ruth Swissa’s top lip balm picks that will do the service at utmost potency.

  • Burt’s Bees® Lip Balm (Ruth personally suggests the SPF because there’s nothing worse than sun-damage to your skin). What can we say, this little fella works wonders! Not to mention, it’s made of 100% natural ingredients (so no Oxybenzone or Menthol!)


  • Vaseline® Lip Therapy® Advanced Formula is definitely one of Ruth’s favorite. “Vaseline is the best invention since sliced bread,” Ruth says. It can literally be used for everything and anything. Nevertheless, this lip treatment protects and replenishes your cracked lips with moisture. This balm is actually the longest lasting moisturizer in comparison to the other products.


  • Rosebud Perfume Co.® Lip Balm  Not only is it aesthetic and cutesy with its vintage-inspired facade, this tin contains a combination of rich balm that leave your lips moisturized with just one application.


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