3 Reasons Why Permanet Makeup Could Go Wrong

You’ve probably been exposed to at least one instance of horrific permanent makeup jobs; whether it be your great-aunt with her blueish permanent eyeliner or the lady down the street with stark, black brows. Modern day permanent makeup has been completely reinvented itself, but people very too exposed to it for a couple of reasons:

Good permanent makeup jobs are the ones people don’t notice!

3 reasons why people would notice permanent makeup:

Weird Colors


Blue-green permanent makeup due to choosing the wrong colors for the specific skin-type. Also, the quality of the ink has a lot to do with this color change.

Pigment Migration


When permanent makeup artists use invasive tools like tattoo guns, the ink penetrates the deepest layer of your skin and since its so powerful, the skin becomes traumatized and the ink travels to areas that weren’t intended to be marked.

Wrong Shapes


When one eyebrow is higher than the other, when the eyeliner isn’t even, etc. This is all determined by skill of the permanent makeup artist. When they don’t spend enough time perfecting the shape, bad results show.

Good permanent makeup is the permanent makeup that goes unnoticed. The natural look is what’s trending today!


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