Final Touch to Perfect Prom Preperation

When getting ready for prom, one will run down the checklist listing things like nails, hair, makeup. However, what many girls seem to forget is something as essential as their skin quality. At Ruth Swissa, we don’t only offer facials to cleanse and prep for the big day, but we also offer other skin services. For example we provide exfoliating scrubbing treatment for areas such as the back. This will leave your skin clear and radiant for those backless dresses. We also offer things such as the 24K Gold Facial that leave bits of gold flax in your pores to leave your skin glowing a vibrant gold. Not to mention, Ruth Swissa also offers eyebrow shaping and threading for that sophisticated appearance you’re all looking for. We have a wide variety of services to primp and polish you for the unforgettable prom night.


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