Why is Ruth Swissa considered “Celebrity Choice”?

One valuable quality at Ruth Swissa’s medical spa is the guarantee of confidentiality. In the beauty and medical industry, the primary form of advertisement is on a word-to-mouth basis; however, at Ruth Swissa’s med spa, we put our client’s wishes first. If one desires not to share their procedures with others, Ruth will make sure that no information, on the spa’s behalf, is released. Ruth Swissa follows the rules of HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, devoutly. This federal law restricts the access of an individuals’ private medical information, meaning if anyone were to inquire about another person’s procedures, by law Ruth Swissa is not permitted to give out any information. “This is what celebrities value the most,” Ruth says. She has welcomed many stars and starlets into her quaint med spa and she explains that keeping procedures sub rosa is their greatest desire. With highest confidence, Ruth Swissa is here to accentuate beauty and keep her clients comfortable.


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