New Popular Candidate for Permanent Makeup!

Women who have reached the age of menopause not only experience a rapid change in hormone levels, but it is accompanied with unwanted side-effects. The most notorious of all menopause side-effects is hot flashes; this is a sudden sensation of intense heat that leaves women flushed red and drenched with sweat. Perspiration on the face and forehead is especially unfortunate for those who pencil in their brows with makeup because those brows just sweat right off. Ruth Swissa claims that many costumers have complained about this and come in to get their eyebrows permanently put on. One of Ruth’s customers said she had to re-pencil in her eyebrows at least eight times a day because these hot-flashes would rinse them right out every time. She explained how she would be in constant panic and distress about whether her brows were still visible every couple of hours. Permanent eyebrows has proved to be an effective route for this unfortunate side effect; Ruth’s patients give wonderful feedback regarding this procedure. With permanent eyebrows, you won’t ever have to worry about your brows rubbing off in the heat of an unpleasant hot-flash.


Wilhelm Gallhof – Die Koralle Halskette (circa 1917)

Final Touch to Perfect Prom Preperation

When getting ready for prom, one will run down the checklist listing things like nails, hair, makeup. However, what many girls seem to forget is something as essential as their skin quality. At Ruth Swissa, we don’t only offer facials to cleanse and prep for the big day, but we also offer other skin services. For example we provide exfoliating scrubbing treatment for areas such as the back. This will leave your skin clear and radiant for those backless dresses. We also offer things such as the 24K Gold Facial that leave bits of gold flax in your pores to leave your skin glowing a vibrant gold. Not to mention, Ruth Swissa also offers eyebrow shaping and threading for that sophisticated appearance you’re all looking for. We have a wide variety of services to primp and polish you for the unforgettable prom night.


Treat Your Mothers with Fabulous Mother’s Day Gifts Only at Ruth Swissa!

From hosting birthday parties to shopping days, your mom has always been there for you. Now your turn has come to treating your lovely mother with a gift of appreciation. What better gift than the gift of lasting beauty? At Ruth Swissa we offer a multitude of gifts that your mothers and grandmothers are guaranteed to love! Whether it be a calming facial to alleviate her from everydays’ ongoing stresses or an eyeliner enhancement to amplify her loveliness. Visit to view our menu of services or shop online. Happy Mother’s Day!


Salvador Dali – “Madonna of Port Iligat”

Why is Ruth Swissa considered “Celebrity Choice”?

One valuable quality at Ruth Swissa’s medical spa is the guarantee of confidentiality. In the beauty and medical industry, the primary form of advertisement is on a word-to-mouth basis; however, at Ruth Swissa’s med spa, we put our client’s wishes first. If one desires not to share their procedures with others, Ruth will make sure that no information, on the spa’s behalf, is released. Ruth Swissa follows the rules of HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, devoutly. This federal law restricts the access of an individuals’ private medical information, meaning if anyone were to inquire about another person’s procedures, by law Ruth Swissa is not permitted to give out any information. “This is what celebrities value the most,” Ruth says. She has welcomed many stars and starlets into her quaint med spa and she explains that keeping procedures sub rosa is their greatest desire. With highest confidence, Ruth Swissa is here to accentuate beauty and keep her clients comfortable.